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The following are the recent Sunday sermon recordings, please click on the following topic name to connect to the download page.
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Date Speaker Sermon Passage
04/07/19 Dr. Barry Davis A Mystery Solved Ephesians 3:1-13
05/12/19 Dr. Barry Davis United In Christ -- We Triumph! Ephesians 4:11-21
05/19/19 Dr. Barry Davis Game Changer: You Are Different Ephesians 4:20-32
06/02/19 Dr. Barry Davis Committed in Love Ephesians 5:17-33
06/09/19 Dr. Barry Davis Sermon Passage
06/16/19 Dr. Barry Davis Sermon Passage
06/30/19 Speaker Sermon Passage
07/07/19 Dr. Barry Davis A Powerful Beginnning Genesis 1:1-31
08/11/19 Dr. Barry Davis Hope in the Strangest Places Genesis 5:1-32
08/18/19 Dr. Barry Davis A Watershed Moment Genesis 6:1-22
08/25/19 Dr. Barry Davis A Leap Into the Light Genesis 7:1-24

Here is a link to a google photos page where you can view and post pictures/videos from the CECV 2019 Royal Ridges Retreat.